thumbnaildarkhair1 And the Bun WinsCurious as to which hairstyle is most requested by brides? Do you know how to style your hair to most flatter your face, your wedding style and your wedding dress? Get professional advice and schedule a “practice” styling appointment before your big event!

Check out these variations of the “bun!” Today, the chignon, knot, ponytail, and hair twist dominate the way brides want to wear their hair for their¬†weddings. thumbnailblond1 And the Bun Winsthumbnailredhair1 And the Bun Wins

One thought on “And the Bun Wins

  1. What a fabulous idea! My wedding is scheduled for September 2010 and I am in the process of planning the big event. I have tons of curly hair and could use some assistance as to make it look most flattering. I loved your pictures. I definitely will check out your save-the-date cards and wedding invitations.

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