love story book themed wedding inspiration A Love Story   Book Themed Wedding Inspiration

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I just love a themed wedding, and I’m particularly crazy over the idea of a book-themed wedding. It’s the perfect direction for the literature loving couple. The theme is completely achievable for any bride to take on! Even if you are anti-DIY, an experienced crafter, or trying your hand at DIY projects for the first time, a book-themed wedding works for all book-lovers out there. You can keep it as easy as using them for centerpieces or ripping out the pages for other decor. If you are ready for a little more of a challenge, try making book mobiles to hang up or cutting out the center to use them as vases. Whatever your book-loving heart desires! There will be no need to break the bank either! Vintage and used used books can be found all over, from garage sales to the internet, for just pennies.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

camille A Love Story   Book Themed Wedding Inspiration

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