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Following up on our Blue Wedding Inspiration Board, brides often find that one of the most challenging items to coordinate for their blue wedding is the matching flowers. To help you out, here are some wonderful options for choosing the perfect blue flowers for your wedding, listed by season.
Spring Wedding Flowers – March, April and May

• Forget Me Not’s
• Anemone
• Delphinium
• Blue Lilac
• Blue Phlox

Spring is referred to metaphorically as the start of better things to come and viewed as a time of new life, renewal and growth. Creating the start to your perfect new life with your soon-to-be husband can be a breeze when you know the right flowers to ask for at your florist. March, April and May you will find in bloom: forget me not’s, anemone, delphinium, blue lilac and blue phlox. Of these flowers delphinium and anemones would be considered hearty flowers capable of holding weight in a bouquet. The others are often used as accent flowers to a white or off-white bouquet of roses, calla lilies or carnations, which are all available year round.
Summer Wedding Flowers in Season – June, July and August

• Blue Hydrangea
• Blue Lilac

Summer is one of the most popular times to get married and understandably so! Warm and sunny, brides envision walking down the aisle with the backdrop of ocean and palm trees or mountain tops and blooming flowers. The most popular seasonal choices for your blue summer wedding are blue hydrangeas and blue lilac.
Autumn Wedding Flowers – September, October and November

• Anemone
• Blue Asters
• Blue Hydrangea
• Blue Iris

Autumn marks one of the most distinct changes in seasons; the brilliance of brightly colored leaves create a stunning scene for an outdoor wedding. Bright blue irises, with their yellow accents, are a dazzling flower choice for an autumn bouquet. Blue anemone, blue asters and hydrangea are also lovely choices for autumn. A delicate flower, blue asters should be paired with larger flowers such as white hydrangea or carnations.
Winter Wedding Flowers – December, January and February

• Anemone
• Forget Me Not’s
• Blue Hydrangea

Winter, traditionally a time for ice skating, bob-sledding and snuggling by the fireside, is also one of the most romantic times of the year for your wedding. Brides worry not – you can still find coordinating blue flowers in the cooler months! Anemone and forget me not’s are popular winter wedding flowers; although not found blooming outdoors, many florists also offer hydrangeas year round. Pair forget me not’s with mini white roses and trailing ivy for a truly unforgettable brilliance.
Blue Wedding Flowers Available All Year

• Bachelors Button
• Delphinium
• Blue Tinted Roses
• Blue Tinted Carnations
• Blue Hydrangeas

There are a several gorgeous flowers available year round to add that perfect touch to your blue wedding. Bachelor’s button, hydrangeas, delphinium and blue tinted roses or carnations all make gorgeous flowers in your wedding bouquet and centerpieces. Bachelors Button is a stunning bright blue delicate flower best mixed with a larger flower or white and green foliage. Delphinium is gorgeous paired with white calla lilies or white roses.

Popular accent colors with blue are: white, ivory or silver. To create a full-bodied look, add light green ivy; or for a classy touch with a silver tinting, try adding eucalyptus.

What are some of your favorite blue flowers? Would you consider using them in a bridal bouquet?

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