The romantic hues of blue are some of the hottest, most requested colors for 2010 weddings. From powdery blue to aquamarine to the brilliant majestic feel of midnight blue. Used as a main color or as an accent, coordinating with blue lends a fresh whimsical feel to your wedding. Savvy brides are designing everything from flowers and wedding invitations to the bridal shower cupcakes.

Strong and steadfast to light and airy, above all blue represents sincerity and faithfulness. Pairing with a neutral color such as white or ivory will give a clean, crisp vibe. Ivory represents unity and unification while white represents virtue and innocence. Silver is another popular color perfect when paired with all shades of blue.

blue wedding inspirations collage1 6 Inspirations for your Blue Themed Wedding L -R: Blue and white bouquet, Blue 4 layered cake, Satin gathered crystal heels Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations from Storkie Express, Blue Wedding cupcakes, Blue Floral Candles

Dreaming up the perfect harmonization of colors and themes for your wedding sets a mood for your guests from the invitations, bridal shower, wedding and finally the thank you cards. These special touches will lend an elegant sophisticated feel that will not soon be forgotten.

mandi signature image 6 Inspirations for your Blue Themed Wedding

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