So you’re engaged…Now what?

While the wedding planning process can take many months and lots of work there are a few key areas to focus on initially for a successful event.477812 60753853sm 5 Most Important First Steps to Plan a Wedding

1) Set a Wedding Budget

This is very important as the little details can really start to add up and next thing you know you’re short money for the caterer or florist.

Decide where the funding for the wedding will be coming from… whether yourself, the bride’s family, the groom’s family, or a combination of sources.

It’s a great idea to set up a spreadsheet to document your estimated costs, quotes and then the final amount spent.  You may want to keep kids and adults separate on the spreadsheet, especially when calculating food costs.

Always add a 10% buffer room to your budget to absorb any last minute unexpected costs.  Believe me; you’ll be grateful for that extra wiggle room.

2) Set a Date and Choose the Location for the Wedding

Much like a ladder, once you finalize the wedding budget you must set the wedding date and venue or you cannot go anywhere else. All other cost research and comparisons will depend on the local vendors near the event location.  You will want to visit and compare local florists, bakeries, caterers, wedding planners, photographers, videographer etc.

This is a perfect time to get your family involved!  Your mom, sister, aunt or cousins will be perfect to ask to call and compare prices for you, especially if you already know what it is you’re looking for.

3) Start making your Guest List

While you can start choosing some items without a guest list, you won’t be able to get accurate quotes on things such as catering, flowers for centerpieces, cake sizes, quantity of wedding favors etc.

Start with either the bride or the grooms immediate and extended family, when complete give the list to your mom or grandmother to double check you didn’t forget anyone. After both parties families are complete start with close friends and then extended friends groups. Don’t forget to invite neighbors, coworkers and any business relationships you value.

4) Choose your colors

A great deal of choices will be influenced from your wedding colors… flowers, party favors and even Bridesmaid dresses can be coordinated so it’s important to decide this detail in the beginning of the wedding planning process.

It’s tradition to choose two to three colors; usually one is a neutral crème or white, paired with a brighter color. Although, that is not always the case, and I have seen several beautiful weddings where their colors were blue and yellow or brown and teal. With the right design eye and determination to find coordinating items, any color combination can be a success.

5. Choose your Wedding Party

Create a list of the most important people in your life, those you can’t live without and see how they might fit into your special day. The Maid of Honour and Best Man’s roles are to support you and assist you up to the special day.  They will be your backbone the day of the wedding, handling last minute details – while you’re jittery and frazzled.

Remember you could require Ushers, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, flower girl and a ring bearer. Who is giving you away? If the Bride’s father is not an option, perhaps select a brother or the Groom’s father or family friend.

There are many more details that require your attention shortly after the 5 listed here are completed, but these are really the foundation of a successful wedding planning adventure.

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  1. This is a good list but I’m not sure that colors should come before the wedding party. The people who you chose to help you celebrate your special day should have more importance than the color napkins.

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