15542 77dgfootballboy Yes, It Is Football SeasonFor many of us football season gathers us together to watch games, share snacks, and cheer our favorite teams. Football season also coincides with the holiday of Thanksgiving. Have you made your plans and sent out invitations? In the spirit of being thankful for life’s blessings, here is a great video! Enjoy!  

4 thoughts on “Yes, It Is Football Season

  1. Our anthem is so inspirational. It allows anyone at anytime to partake in a a moment of deep regard. What a vigorous choir and orchestral fanfare. The thundering percussion instruments splash, both lively and rhythmically energetic, as variations are sung by these young cadets. Indeed, as you point out, ‘Thankfulness’ does capture our hearts in the presence of this glorious symphonic poem.



  2. WOW! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It seems to be sneaking up fast. Lots to be thankful for and I enjoyed the football theme. At my house it is football season.

    The Thanksgiving Front Door holiday card sets the mood for the beginning of the holidays!

    Enjoyed the National Anthem video…a great start to any football or baseball game!

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