2010 Winter Olympics New Event: Baby Racing

I came across this hilarious video the other day as I was searching Youtube for 2010 Winter Olympics videos. Quite the intense competition with the parents… The babies? Most of the babies are just not that interested in crawling all the way! I found myself laughing so hard and just had to share. Hope you enjoyed it as […]

Teaching Shakespeare Soliloquy to Toddlers

What an adorable video! I can see a budding actor in the making here! Emmy Award-winning actor, Brian Cox develops his Shakespeare suzuki method, with a toddler soliloquy from 30 month old Theo. Brian Cox started his acting career in the 70′s with multiple television performances. He made his first big break as “Dr. Hannibal […]

Christmas Enthusiasm

Perhaps you have seen this very funny video about two very enthusiastic gift recipients on Christmas morning. A commercial was made using this and last year this circulated via email.  But, it is so adorable and honest that I had to share it with you today! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!