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Creative Bridesmaids Photo Shoot Ideas – Series 2!

This is Series 2 of our creative bridesmaids photo shoot inspirations. Your wedding day is a momentous occasion – capture the memories and the fun! Photographers can get to know your creative style when you bring them inspirational ideas to play with, so feel free to use any of the shots below! p.s. For more ideas, be sure to [...]

More Unique Groomsmen Photo Shoot Ideas

This is the second edition of our inspirational unconventional groomsmen photo-shoot series. Feel free to use some of these ideas to create a fun photo-shoot of your own! For more great pics, be sure to check out our first post Unique Groomsmen Photo Shoot Ideas

Hilarious Staged Wedding Photography

Be bold ~ be brave ~ have fun! Break away from the typical staged wedding photography and show your true colors! Whether by running away with your soon-to-be on a subway train, squishing your groomsmen with your heels or playing a casual round of golf… What do you think about these alternative wedding shots?

Creative Bridesmaids Photo Shoot Ideas

Your bridesmaids play a huge part in your wedding preparation and wedding day.  From bridal showers, to planning sessions, to bachelorette parties, your gals will keep you sane (or at least will listen when you feel like you are going insane).  Keep those precious moments close to your heart and strong in your memory with a [...]

Unique Groomsmen Photo Shoot Ideas

You’ve been imagining this day since you were young… As little boys and little girls we dream about our Wedding Day, wondering: Who will be the love of our life? Who will stand by our side as we speak our vows? Now let’s fast forward… You’ve found the love of your life. You’ve talked about your commitment to [...]