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Save the Date Video, A Clever Idea for Any Couple

After I wrote yesterday’s post on Save the Dates, I remembered a creative and super fun Save the Date stop motion video I stumbled across online a few months ago. I think this would be a great idea for any couple, and something fun to have as a memory in the future. Plus it’s adorable, [...]

Incredible Breakdancing Baby Video – Truly Amazing!!

I have watched my fair share of baby dancing videos, some are adorable, some hilarious…. this one is just INCREDIBLE! For such a little guy, he has some amazing breakdancing movesĀ - I just had to share!

42 Zombie Brides Flash Mob Thriller!!!

Just in time for Halloween!!! 42 Zombie Brides Flash Mob Thriller!! A shockingly ghoulish time!

Sculpted Baby Cake ~ Amazing Time Lapse Video!

I find time-lapse videos incredibly fascinating, so when I stumbled across this one I couldn’t help but to take a quick peek. To my surprise it truly captivated me and I actually watched the whole video. The attention to detail throughout this cake creation is astonishing: from the crease of the lips to the baby’s [...]

Baby Tornado! Hilarious Time Lapse Video

There is something so amusing about time-lapse videos and this one is no different! Watch how many times this little 9 month old baby rolls around his room. The parent interaction has been edited out to make it all that much more funny.