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Thank You Photo Cards {Wedding Inspiration}

{Clockwise from Top Left: Victorian Station Etsy Shop, Intimate Weddings, Save On Crafts, Ashley Glasco Photography, Project Wedding, Intimate Weddings} Your wedding guests would love to get a Thank You photo card in the mail! Thank You Photo Cards are a creative and personal way to send your wedding guests your thanks and appreciation after your [...]

Thank You Cards

As I looked at the remaining holiday cards from last year, I noticed that my thank you card amounts had dwindled. Even though fewer and fewer people send thank you cards, I still do. So, I decided that I would order some thank you cards with my name, with my husband and my names, and [...]

General Etiquette Tips: Part Three

The widespread use of cell phones necessitates the creation of some proper behavior. Shouting into the cell phone in public, driving and talking, and allowing the phone to ring or be answered in a public entertainment venue cannot be allowed! Unless you have an emergency, do not answer or talk on your cell phone when checking [...]

General Etiquette Tips: Part Two

Let’s examine some more basic etiquette tips! At a dinner party, when you sit down, place your napkin on your lap. If you get up during the meal, place the napkin on your chair. When the meal is over, place your napkin on the left side of your plate. If you see multiple pieces of [...]

General Etiquette Tips: Part One

With so many conventional customs and traditions becoming something read about in a history book or novel, which social protocols do we perpetuate today? Also, which social customs that show good etiquette do we model for our children and ultimately expect them to follow? The first rule is to always  respond immediately to an invitation. [...]