Sunny Sweet 16 Party Inspiration

The transition between summer and autumn is a wonderful time to have a Sweet 16 Party, while sunflowers are in full bloom! Check out our sunny inspiration board below to see a few ideas of how fun and colorful it is to have a sunflower theme for your sweet sixteen party. To start off, I selected a couple […]

Summer BBQ Party Ideas

The 4th of July is almost here, Summer is in full swing, and (if you haven’t already) it’s definitely time to think about planning a BBQ! Start with a great open space where friends and family can gather with ease. Somewhere the kids can roam free without getting into too much trouble. It will be […]

Neighborhood Camp Update

Our summer camp with parents who rotate being in-charge has been a total success to date. My measurement of the past weeks’ fun is how soon after dinner my younger daughter and son fall asleep. In the summer we have a loose bedtime because during the school year it is very inflexible. To date, every […]


I am borrowing the phrase “staycation” from Pottery Barn. Enjoying summer and making the long days full of spending time with loved-ones can cost as much as you want to spend or as little! Although there are many attractive offerings for backyard decorating and furniture, who says you can’t place an old sheet on the […]