Longevity and Parties

According to the September/October 2009 issue of AARP Magazine, people who party outlive people who don’t. The article “More Good Years” highlights a place that is considered a “blue zone.” Native people living in Ikaria, Greece live past 90. They abide by some great life habits such as not wearing a watch, taking a daily […]

Planning Labor Day Weekend Parties

Amazingly, the end of summer looms in the not so distant future! How quickly this summer passed. With school back in session in August for many families, Labor Day has lost its place as the official marker for the end of summer days. But, Labor Day weekend does provide a great opportunity to host a […]

What Do You Think?

As I look back on my blog entries about my family’s various life celebration events, I see that we have had and continue to have a very busy schedule of ceremonies and parties since the new year began. Sometimes my children read my blog and just last week, I heard from my son and eldest […]