Valentine’s Day Ideas

Trying to think of romantic ideas to surprise your Valentine this year? Rest assured, not only is a special and unique Valentine’s Day easy, it can also be inexpensive. What sets the typical apart from the unforgettable? Genuine thoughtfulness and creativity! Some of my favorite ideas for gifts involve handmade cards, scavenger hunts or romantic […]

Back to Reality

If we all continue to eat the way we ate during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, then by the beginning of 2010, most of us would weigh an additional five to ten pounds. So, how can we lose the few pounds we may have put on during the past weekend’s festivities? Also, what tricks can we […]

Turkey Comas

Yes, it is the day after the big turkey coma. We just have to energize ourselves to begin the official holiday shopping and preparation season! Think about alternatives to gift giving!  Remember, Christmas, Chanukah (Hannukah), and Kwanzaa are all celebrated in December.     Please share any tips you have to make this 2009 holiday […]

Our Day of Gratitude

Every year at our family Thanksgiving dinner, we attempt to share our ideas on gratitude and the place it holds in our lives. For 2009, as challenging as it has been, we certainly have so much for which to be grateful. I am grateful to you, my readers, who follow my blog and then enjoy […]