Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

There are so many things a new graduate will need, whether they’re going off to college or into the real world from the college dorm. Depending on your price range and how many things your graduate actually “needs” will determine what kind of gift you’ll be looking for. One of the best gifts I received […]

Inspiring Graduation Quotes – Perfect for Invitations!

With graduation season kicking off, we wanted to start this week with some inspirational quotes perfect for grads (and really everybody).  What are your favorites?  Have any good ones we missed?  All of our graduation invitations can be customized with any wording, so it’s easy to add your favorite inspirational quote… Excellence is never an […]

Throw the Best Graduation Party! Step-By-Step Checklist

With the 2010 graduation season almost upon us, we put together a comprehensive checklist for planning the best graduation party.  Print out this list, cross off the things that are not applicable, and you’re ready to get your party planned and carried through to perfection.  CONGRATS grads!!!! 6 Weeks Before the Party Set a party budget […]

Graduation Party Input

The same year our eldest graduated from 8th grade, our youngest graduated from kindergarten. The graduation ceremonies were the same week, so we sent graduation party invitations to all our family members and friends to come to a combined celebration. It was important to me that the graduates, although very far apart in age, give […]

Graduation Season is Coming

Wow we can’t believe how fast the time is flying!  Is Graduation Season really coming up?  All those Seniors enjoying their last hoorahs in high school and college. Only two things stand in those Seniors’ way to the perfect graduation: final exams and graduation invitations!  Without passing the final exams, no graduation.  And without graduation […]