A Personal Decision

As parents we take a stand about many situations in order to protect our children. The flu season has begun in the Northern Hemisphere and we must decide between vaccinating and not vaccination our children and ourselves. I am in no way telling parents what personal decision they should make, although I must note that […]

Water, The Drink of Choice

It can be challenging to get our children to choose water instead of sugary and carbonated drinks. But, my philosophy has always been to present the facts, limit the home choices, monitor what goes on when we are out as a family, and then hope that when they are without our presence and supervision, they […]

Nothing Electronic Allowed

¬†Last Saturday night we hosted a potluck dinner with games as the evening’s activities. We told our friends to bring their children so we could all hang out and play together. When the kids heard about playing games, they began to discuss which video games they would bring. But then, we told them the intent […]