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Mind and Body

As we rear our children to become strong and self-sufficient, we nurture both mind and body. Spend less than five minutes with your child/ren or student and watch this video to see strength of mind and body. How awesome!

College Visitation Trips: Good Airfares

With a junior in high school, discussions about college application choices have dominated our family time. Although our son has visited schools in the New York City and Boston area, he knows what he doesn’t want in a college experience but has no clue as to where he would like to go. Being a really [...]

Movie Recommendation for Back to School

Next weekend will be our first after the first week back to school. Happily, we already have a family outing planned to the movies to wipe away the stress of the first week back! Shorts, a family movie by Robert Rodriquez has a clear-cut plot with fantasy moments that will help our imaginations take off. [...]

Why Julie and Julia Is A Must-See!

Our children were out of town so we waited to see Julie and Julia. We listened to the advice that we should not go hungry. After a quick and yummy dinner of Thai food, we bought our tickets and found great seats in a local stadium-seating theater. We all love Meryl Streep and our youngest [...]

Summer Date Nights: Successful and Continued!

The relaxed and slower-paced vibe of summer is nearing the end. Yes, I know that the season ends in September but for this family once school begins, summer is over. So, how can we capture and perpetuate some of the summer intimacy that our date nights have provided? Whether you have been married a day, [...]