Family Activity

Is your child interested in science? Check out MSN’s article from Thursday, January 07, 2010 called “Weird Science!” Some of the interesting trivia includes an article about an octopus that has built a mobile home out of coconut shells. Another article discusses a huge blob that lies under Nevada. Reading together and then discussing “weird […]

Craving Candy

The fact is that everyone craves and loves candy. Maybe we don’t all have the same taste in candy, but in some form or another, young and old, we love candy! So where can we go to visit how our favorite treat is made? Check out the MSN Online article about Candyfreak‘s author, Steve Almond […]

Yes, It Is Football Season

For many of us football season gathers us together to watch games, share snacks, and cheer our favorite teams. Football season also coincides with the holiday of Thanksgiving. Have you made your plans and sent out invitations? In the spirit of being thankful for life’s blessings, here is a great video! Enjoy!  

After School Activities

As much as children learn from their academic and school time experiences, they learn from the after school activities they pursue. So who decides what your children will commit to and how can we teach them to follow through on their choice of commitments? The previous questions’ answers need to be agreed upon equally by both […]