Don’t Stress, Just Address! Presenting Wedding Invitations Wording & Announcements eBook

Wedding stationery can easily send the most put-together soon-to-be brides and grooms into a spiral of self-doubt and subsequent spiral of stress, struggle, and self pity. “Do I send my boss an invite or not?” “Should all my guests attend the bridal shower?” “What do I write on the envelope I’m sending to two doctors […]

8 Tips for Perfect Baptism Invitations

Baptism is one of the most beloved traditions for the church community. Since families typically have the baby’s Baptism or Christening shortly after birth, typically within the first six months, the sight of a baby being welcomed into God’s family brings to mind so many adjectives: beautiful, adorable, magical to name a few. We typically advise […]

Table Manners

With job competition at an all time high, table manners that meet a potential employer’s expectations become an asset for getting and keeping a job. Check out this video and decide if your  table manners are acceptable!

Manners: Please

I opened one of my online news sources and the headline stated that Hugh Jackman, who stars with Daniel Craig in the Broadway play Steady Rain, stopped the performance when someone’s cell phone rang. Perhaps this is not earth shattering news but it can serve as a good story to enforce “no cell phones” during […]