The Important Decision

Since we only celebrate our birthdays once a year, the choice of the celebration birthday cake is very important. First of all, ask the birthday honoree what is his/her favorite cake. Then, locate where they sell the special cake. Sometimes it’s best to bake the cake. Check out the best recipes available and choose who […]

December Birthday Celebrants

Although everyone’s birthday is a most special day, those born in December kind of get cheated. With all the festivities of Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Years occurring throughout the month, how can the birthday celebrant feel adequately honored? Even if the birthday falls exactly on a December holiday, how about separating the celebrations? We […]


When I was pregnant with our sixth grader, I prayed for a healthy baby. I also prayed for another girl so our daughter would have a sister. I have three sisters and my husband has two. I genuinely love and adore my sisters! If you don’t have sisters, you have missed out on being in […]

Turning Eighteen

Turning eighteen and still at the beginning of senior year of high school can present some challenges to parents who have not set limits and who have not communicated clear expectations. Yes, legally our son is viewed by society as an adult when he reaches his 18th birthday at the end of October. But, being […]

Birthday Experience Surprises

If you have thought about giving someone a birthday experience instead of a gift, check out your local ballet company offerings. This year on June 14th New York City Ballet presented an evening of ballet and music that they organized and offered to the public with the money from tickets going to their “Dancers Emergency […]