si7179pccmobabyshower Universally AppealingRecently we went through a security check at the airport that involved separating the male and female passengers and having TSA staff “frisk” each passenger in a very careful and meticulous way. While I stood with my arms out to my side with the TSA woman’s hands running all over my body, I glanced over at the woman next to me. She had a bulging pregnant belly of about six to seven months and the TSA agent had lifted her shirt to confirm that her protruding belly did indeed contain a baby in the womb.

I had glanced over at the exact moment her shirt was lifted while the pregnant passenger praised the TSA agent for her thoroughness. The “Flower Baby Shower” invitation image resembles the beautiful belly of my neighboring passenger.

We are all back in the USA, and safe and sound but the image of that women’s belly has been artfully captured by Storkie. Enjoy selecting your baby shower invites!

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