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Photos Are Family History

People move more often today than they did years ago. Moving provides a chance to get rid of papers and items that are not necessary and ultimately clutter our lives. We have moved six times during our marriage. I have pitched, sold, or donated countless things but I still have the photos that I have saved since I was a child.

Photo invitations, photo holiday cards, photo party favors fall into the category of “must-save” photos and that is one main reason I love to send and receive celebration invitations and announcements that have a photo. Saving the annual photo holiday card allows me to see how my nieces and nephews have grown up and how much they’ve changed. I am sure that the people who have saved our annual photo holiday card feel the same way I do when they see the way our children and we have changed chronicled in our photo cards.

Check out the great selection of photo invitations, photo birth announcements and party favors.

When you look back at the ones you have received and sent, you will be looking at the history of your family life.

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