78614 14dgfridge Magnetic InvitationsI don’t know about you, but when we redid our kitchen and I had to decide if I wanted a refrigerator panel to match the wood of my cabinets, I thought long and hard and decided to take it but not have it installed. We all look at the “fridge” more times in a day than countable. So, having magnetically posted reminders, a calendar, and all the invitations visible makes life a bit easier. When I need to have a totally uncluttered look, I just remove all the magnets,¬†notes, and calendar and place them in the desk drawer.

Even better than a magnetically held invitation is an actual magnet as an invitation!

Check out these Magnetic Baby Shower Invitations!

2313magnetinvitebabyshower Magnetic Invitations

1096babyshowertwinmagnet Magnetic Invitations

Summer is such a great time to browse Online and think about upcoming events and what kind of invitation is best!

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