5 Things to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing a photographer can be tricky, but getting fantastic photographs is worth a bit of extra effort. That’s why we’ve got the five things to ask your photographer.

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1. What do you get in the end? With digital photography taking over, more and more photographers are offering image file only packages. Others still insist on doing the printing. If you want to use your photos for things like your invitations, such as our new magazine cover styles, be sure to choose a photographer who will provide you with the high resolution files.

2. Your place or theirs? Will the photographer want you in their studio, or will you be doing location shots, too. Both provide great photos, but there is a lot more diversity in what is produced on location. It also means you can show off some of your favorite places.

3. What is in their portfolio? Always be sure to check out their previous work. Beyond this, make sure the photos you’re looking at are by the actual photographer you’ll be working with, and not somebody who used to be with the company.

4. How long will they shoot? If you’re hiring a photographer for your wedding, make sure they’ll be there the whole day and night, not just for the ceremony. Similarly, if you are doing a pre-party photo shoot, confirm how long they’ll be photographing you to get an idea of how many photos you’re likely to get.

5. Can you speak to past clients? A great photographer will be happy to put you in touch with people they’ve worked with. After all, the best advertisement they have is customers who love what they got. Speaking to past clients can also give you an idea of what the photographer’s real strengths are.

Once you have the photos, you’ll want to share them. Using them for invitations and thank you cards is a great way to show off the photos your photographer has taken. To see our wide variety of photo cards, check out our site today!

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Ask Storkie: What Should You Write in a Thank You Card?

I know that thank you cards are important, but what am I supposed to write in them? Is just signing them enough?


storkie thanks1 Ask Storkie: What Should You Write in a Thank You Card?

Say thanks with the Sweet Angel Thank You Card from the Storkie.com Studio Collection.

Dear Lily,

Thank you cards are an essential courtesy, but they can be confusing. After all, it’s a part of traditional etiquette that too often gets forgotten. When you’ve had a big event, whether it’s a wedding, shower, religious ceremony, or graduation party, you’ll need to thank your guests.

If you are thanking a guest for attending, all you need to do is write a short note thanking them for being there on your big day. A short anecdote can be added, but isn’t necessary.

To thank somebody for a gift, it can be good to mention it directly. Thank them for their gift and comment on it. This can be saying how you have used it or will use it, why you like it, or how generous it was of them.

The main thing to remember is to write from the heart. Don’t worry about writing anything long; a few sentences is plenty if they are genuine.

storkie thanks Ask Storkie: What Should You Write in a Thank You Card?

Pure Allure Photo Thank You Cards allow you to personalize your cards with your own image.

In many cases, the tone of what you write can be set by the style of thank you card you choose. This can be matched to other parts of your stationery, such as invitations, or even include a photo. You can find plenty of design inspiration among our fully customizable selection online!


Celebrating Your Child’s High School Graduation

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and high school seniors across the country are donning graduation gowns. If your child is graduating from high school this month, it’s not too late to celebrate this milestone achievement.

storkie grads 560x373 Celebrating Your Child’s High School Graduation

Celebrate your grad’s success with a party or announcement. [Photo: Flickr/Jim Reardon]

A graduation party can be held as early as May, but it’s not uncommon to have a celebration in July. A party can be held in August or even September to mark both graduation and any plans for departure to college. This allows you to celebrate both your child’s diploma and their future endeavors.

If you’re not sure about putting together a graduation party, you can still celebrate by sending out a graduation announcement. This is a fantastic way to share the great news with your friends and family members. Whether you opt for a classic script style or choose a photo card, it will be a happily received piece of mail for everyone you send it to.

 Celebrating Your Child’s High School Graduation

Then and Now Photo Graduation Card

More than sharing the news, though, graduation announcements and graduation parties are a great way of showing your child how proud you are of what they have done. High school can be a difficult time, full of challenges, so let your graduate know how much you care.

Storkie is happy to offer a wide variety of graduation stationery, including invitations, announcements, and thank you cards. Check out our full range today!

Ask Storkie: When to Send Your Wedding Invitations

Engaged Couple

I’m engaged and planning a fabulous wedding for November. When should I send out my invitations?


storkie engaged 560x371 Ask Storkie: When to Send Your Wedding Invitations

Take the time to enjoy your engagement and find the perfect wedding invitations! (Photo: Flickr/Bambi Corro III)

Dear Caroline,

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! Sending out your wedding invitations is an exciting part of any couple’s wedding planning.

As a rule of thumb, you should send your invitations between six and eight weeks before your wedding. For your November wedding, this would mean waiting until September to send out your wedding invitations. This gives your guests the perfect amount of time to make their plans while also being near enough to the date to know if they will be available.

While it might be difficult to contain your excitement, take advantage of the time you have between now and then. You can send out a save the date card, which can serve to announce your engagement and let guests know they should expect an invitation in the coming months.

 Ask Storkie: When to Send Your Wedding Invitations

Classic Love Photo Wedding Invitation

You should also take the time to choose the perfect invitation for the wedding you have planned. As you decide on the theme and style of your wedding, you can decide whether a formal style of invitation, such as a letterpress or classic style, or modern or couture style invitation is right for you.

If you are planning a destination wedding, you can look for an invitation designed just for this type of nuptial. In this case, you should aim to send the invitation between eight and ten weeks before the wedding date, as your guests will most likely need to do a bit more planning.

For every type of wedding, there is a perfect invitation ready to be customized just for you. Here at Storkie, we have everything you need for your big day, so check out all of our wedding stationery options!


Announcing Your Bump in Style

When you’re expecting, the time between finding out and being able to tell everyone can feel like it goes on forever. So when it does come time to let the world know your happy news, how do you go about it?

Like many moms to be, singer Kelly Rowland took to Instagram to confirm her pregnancy. She posted a beautiful photo of herself in a yoga pose, with baby bump exposed.

If you want to stick to more traditional methods, a baby shower invitation can also serve as an announcement that you’re pregnant. Even if many of those you are inviting have heard through other means — whether that’s Facebook or an overly excited grandparent — getting a personalized baby shower invitation in the mail can be a joyous moment.

Choosing the right baby shower invitation can depend on many things. There are invitations for different types of showers, and styles that are perfect if you have a blue bump, pink bump, or are staying with “team yellow.”

 Announcing Your Bump in Style

A gender reveal invitation can ask guests to cast their vote in a variety of ways.

Many couples choose to use the baby shower invitations as a way of doing a gender reveal, but you can also save that for the party. A gender reveal invitation can even include a ballot for guests to submit their guess!

However you decide to share the good news, Storkie is here to help! From baby shower invitations to birth announcements, we have a beautiful design that is perfect for you and your bundle of joy.