image ahr0cdovl2jsdwjlzgj1awewmto4my9pl0q3l0jcmtg1rkrcqzq5mduymzvcnevbnty3n0q4qju1os5qcgc The Last Hurrah! I love to go to my home page when I get online and see the daily, featured, changing articles. Today, I read that an art director at The Associated Press is leaving his job, his girlfriend, and his apartment and traveling around the world for an entire year, by car.

What a fantasy! He’s 33 and feels that he must do this now, or never!

Check out the article and share some of your travel fantasies with us!

One thought on “The Last Hurrah!

  1. A year world trip but by boat and definitely with my husband! South America will be the starting point for sure. By the way, his age is just perfect to take a break like this, perfect timing!

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