We’re excited to announce a first-of-its-kind technology to hit the stationery industry, Storkie Hidden Dimension!

With Storkie Hidden Dimension, you can share your special occasions in a whole new and captivating way by adding a customized 3D scene of your photos beaming right out of the back of your printed cards!

SHD Holding iPad Introducing Storkie Hidden Dimension!

Through the lens of a smartphone, tablet or webcam-enabled computer, a 3D animation delivers an unforgettable way to share news with friends and family.

SHD Holding Card with hand Introducing Storkie Hidden Dimension!This fun feature is FREE and perfect for enhancing wedding stationery, including save the date cards, wedding announcements, wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, thank you cards and more!

Check out the video below to see how it works!

Storkie Hidden Dimension is a FREE add-on to Storkie’s custom-printed invitations and cards. It’s perfect to showcase engagement photos on a save-the-date card, an ultrasound image on a baby shower invitation or baby photos on a birth announcement. Rather than send holiday cards with only one family photo, you can send a 3D slide show with Storkie Hidden Dimension.

Storkie Hidden Dimension is offered on thousands of Storkie’s printed products.

SHD Angle of Theatre on Card Introducing Storkie Hidden Dimension!

How it Works

Choose a card design on Storkie.com and for no additional charge, opt to make it a Storkie Hidden Dimension card. Upload photos to enhance the personalized invitation or card.

When your friends receive your card in the mail, all they have to do is install the FREE Storkie App (from Apple App Store or Android Market) on their smartphone or tablet and point their camera at the icon printed on the back of the card. Or they can visit www.storkie.com/shd on their webcam-enabled computer and point the icon at the webcam. A hidden dimension is revealed as the back of the card comes to life—projecting your personal photos in an interactive scene.

To view all the design options available with Storkie Hidden Dimension, visit www.storkie.com and look for the 3D icon.

The future of the invitation is here, and Storkie is leading the way!

Try it for yourself today!

kathy signature1 Introducing Storkie Hidden Dimension!

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