The Last Hurrah!

I love to go to my home page when I get online and see the daily, featured, changing articles. Today, I read that an art director at The Associated Press is leaving his job, his girlfriend, and his apartment and traveling around the world for an entire year, by car. What a fantasy! He’s 33 […]

Terrific Twins

Many books have been written about the experience of being an identical twin. Today, twin births are more prevalent. The book, One and the Same by Abigail Pogrebin reveals the author’s experiences of growing up as a twin. In addition, Ms. Pogrebin dedicates chapters with advice for parents who have identical and fraternal twins today. […]

The Importance of a Letter

Check out the moving story, “An Iwo Jima Relic Binds Generations,” in The New York Times Sunday, 9-20-09 edition, about the recent return of a letter that had been written to a Japanese soldier during World War II! With email and reasonably priced phone calls, few people write letters today. But, after reading this moving […]

Longevity and Parties

According to the September/October 2009 issue of AARP Magazine, people who party outlive people who don’t. The article “More Good Years” highlights a place that is considered a “blue zone.” Native people living in Ikaria, Greece live past 90. They abide by some great life habits such as not wearing a watch, taking a daily […]

Wedding Ridiculous

Sometimes a wedding celebration costs a modest amount of money. But, sometimes a wedding becomes an over-the-top extravaganza. Check out this Reuter’s story about a Chinese bride who decides to break a world record with the length of her train on her wedding gown. Not only did the train measure 1.2 miles long, but, attached […]