about4ikariagreece Longevity and PartiesAccording to the September/October 2009 issue of AARP Magazine, people who party outlive people who don’t. The article “More Good Years” highlights a place that is considered a “blue zone.” Native people living in Ikaria, Greece live past 90. They abide by some great life habits such as not wearing a watch, taking a daily nap, walking wherever they go, and maintaining a Mediterranean diet.

Ikarians live on a windy 99 square mile island and have perfected a “distinctive outlook on life that includes relentless optimism, and a propensity for partying, both of which reduce stress.”

OK! Ikaria intrigues me and it has been placed on my “list of places where I must spend time.” The part about the Mediterranean diet attracted my attention. The information about a daily nap secured the deal. Party anyone?

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