Trying to think of romantic ideas to surprise your Valentine this year? Rest assured, not only is a special and unique Valentine’s Day easy, it can also be inexpensive.

What sets the typical apart from the unforgettable? Genuine thoughtfulness and creativity! Some of my favorite ideas for gifts involve handmade cards, scavenger hunts or romantic home cooked dinners. Even more so at Valentine’s Day when everyone is out buying factory made chocolates and generic cards. Stand out from the rest with some of these fun and easy ideas!

How to create a handmade Valentine’s Day card

Instead of a generic card this year, go to your local craft store. In the scrap-booking section pick out a nice sheet of scrapbook paper with a romantic print on it, a few pieces of translucent parchment paper, some cute heart charms or sparkles and matching ribbon. Cut the piece of translucent parchment paper into an oval shape and hand write with a silver or red paint pen your true heartfelt love letter (practice your letter on scrap paper first). When you’re happy with your letter, center the parchment over the print paper. Now punch two holes through both pieces of paper – about an inch apart at the top and bottom. Take two pieces of your ribbon and wrap one through the top holes and one through the bottom, tying a bow on the visible side. Affix your little heart charms and sparkles. Voila! You’ve created a gorgeous and personalized love letter that will be treasured for years to come..

Here are a few other really clever homemade dinner, gift and desert ideas.

valentines inspirations collage Valentines Day Ideas

L-R The Key to my Heart, Be Mine Bookmarks, Jelly Heart Cookies, Valentines Day Chocolate Bars, Pink Creme and Heart Pasta, XOXO M&M Sugar Cookies

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