xmd047roastturkey Turkey For the First TimeSuccessfully roasting a turkey usually involves a tried and true method that one perfects after years of practice. But, what is the first time host of Thanksgiving to do?

First of all, read, read, and then read some more recipes, tips, and strategies about making the turkey and Thanksgiving dinner. Ask someone or a few “someones” for their success suggestions. Then, be sure to actually have the basic items and supplies necessary to make the Thanksgiving menu. Finally, and I highly suggest this experiement, make a practice turkey a week or two before Thanksgiving.

Yes, I realize we are running out of time. But, one must eat Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend; so get a turkey and practice. With the leftovers, check out the great suggestions for making turkey leftovers appetizing and creatively presented.

2 thoughts on “Turkey For the First Time

  1. How true that most special holiday dishes are better if we practice making them! So, let me know how delicious tasting the to-furkey is at your Thanksgiving feast!

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