x17253464christmastree The Christmas TreeMost interesting when thinking about holiday traditions are the historical and cultural reasons behind the various traditions involved in our celebrations. For example, the Christmas tree evolved from the custom of bringing a bit of evergreen plant into the house at the winter solstice. In the Northern hemisphere Christmas coincides with the beginning of winter and a bit of green is needed to remind us that spring will follow the cold, dark days of winter. As a symbol of life, the Christmas tree has become extremely ornate, decorated with family memories, and truly the center of Christmas decorations.

A great gift for a bridal shower or bride and groom during this holiday season is to offer some meaningful Christmas tree ornaments as a gift.

Tree trimming traditions, multiple house-hold trees, decorations made out of certain materials, and the actual order of how the ornaments are placed on the tree fill many families’ lives with traditions and customs to pass on from generation to generation.

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