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Even though it is only the beginning of October, it is never too early to prepare some of the details for a smoother and more enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday whether you will be a guest or a host this year! So, which side of Thanksgiving 2009 are you on? Are you the host or the guest for this year’s big celebration?

If you are the host, spend some time in the local bookstore perusing the food and entertaining magazines such as Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, Gourmet, Food Network Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and others. The November Thanksgiving issue is on the shelves and can give you, the host, some great ideas for organization as well as creative ways to plan your menu and even delegate!

If you are the guest and you are traveling to be with family and friends for Thanksgiving, then help out your budget and get ideas for a host gift now. Several stores, catalogues, and online stores have Thanksgiving related gift items on sale now. It is never too early to buy a thoughtful host gift.

Keep reading my blog for some more tips on making Thanksgiving 2009 the best ever!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Prep

  1. Hello NANCY: I am mostly a talker than writer, however, upon reading your Thanksgiving suggestions I had to thanks you. I have now decorated my home with Pumpkins, Fall leaves, etc. and will keep them in my decorations till after Thanksgiving. I am going out to look for a gift for my friends – decided something for cooking or decorating. Hop you will have further Holiday suggestions. Joyce

  2. Hello Joyce!
    Thank you for commenting on my Thanksgiving prep blog entry. I would love to see photos of your seasonal decorations to give readers some good ideas. Let me know what you get as a gift for your friends. I intend to write about many more good ideas and trends for Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but I’m usually so focused on the food that I don’t consider things like a host gift! Thanks for the thoughtful tips…

  4. Please keep following my blog for more trends and ideas for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. It’s my favorite holiday too!

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