It is not too late to order Thanksgiving Cards to send out to any loved ones you are unable to spend the holiday with. In fact, you have plenty of time! Don’t believe me? If you order your cards today, they will be shipped out on October 19th. That is only two days from now!

Even better if you order cards before November 15th, you can take advantage of Storkie’s fantastic Fall Sale. The sale gives you FREE shipping on orders over $50.00. Hip hip! To make the sale even better, spending over $100 will get you the free shipping and 10% off your entire order using this code here. Maybe I’ll order Thanksgiving and Christmas cards this week to make the most of this offer. It is just too good to pass up!

Here are two of my favorite Thanksgiving Cards.

1) Festive Foliage Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving Card 1 Thanksgiving Cards, Its Not Too Late!


2) Autumn Stone Bridge Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving card 2 Thanksgiving Cards, Its Not Too Late!


I think it would be safe to say your friends and family would be so happy and grateful to see these gorgeous cards in their mailboxes this season.¬†That is what it’s all about right?

Giving and Gratitude.

Just one more reason to love this beautiful season.


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