Are you worried about your holiday party this year?

Worry not! It doesn’t have to be another Christmas Nightmare… A little organization and planning goes a long way in keeping the chaos contained!

We’ve put together a simple step-by-step outline to assist you in your Holiday Party Planning adventures.

HI31004MO Step by Step Holiday Party Checklist

4-6 Weeks Before the Event (NOW!)

  • Select a date/time
  • Book a venue (if not at your home)
  • Create your guest list
  • Send a Save the Date email so that everyone can mark their calendars (6 weeks)
  • Select a theme, if any for the party
  • Plan your entertainment (music, entertainment, gift giving games etc.)
  • Purchase decorations, balloons, streamers, banners, party favors etc.

Weeks Before the Event

  • (4 weeks) Purchase and send your Holiday Party InvitationsHI39006MO Step by Step Holiday Party Checklist
  • Include a note about your theme
  • Inform your guests about anything they need to bring and any gift giving games etc.
  • Track your RSVPs to get an idea of the headcount
  • Plan the menu
  • Remember hors d’oeuvres, meal, drinks & deserts
  • Determine what you will be cooking yourself and any catered items
  • Pre-order anything you’re having catered NOW
  • Determine who will help you the last weeks of preparation and the night of the event
  • Purchase any non-perishable items such as candies, cups, plates, forks, candles etc.
  • Reserve any rental tables and chairs (if the party is at your home)

1 Week Before the Event

  • Confirm and provide the venue with your final headcount
  • Confirm any rental items and pick-up/drop-off times and dates
  • Confirm any catered food
  • Create a final To-Do list
  • Prepare any food that can remain refrigerated
  • Delegate responsibilities for the final week

2-3 Days Before the Event

  • Send a reminder email to your guests
  • Check in with helpers to ensure they’re ready
  • If the Party is at your home
  • Buy any drinks/fresh foods
  • Pick up any catered foods
  • Pick up any rental items
  • Clean the house

Day of the Event

  • Wake up Early! Drink some coffee – Relax!
  • Check in with helpers to ensure they’re ready to go!
  • Make sure you have your camera and extra batteries ready
  • Enjoy a drink and await your guests!! 😀


If the party is at an offsite location:

  • Arrive at least 1-2 hours early
  • Set up decorations/music etc.


If the party is at your home:

  • Pick up rental items
  • Set up tables/chairs/decorations/music/games
  • Prepare final fresh foods
  • Set up drink area/food areas
  • Final pick up of the house


Supply Checklist

  • Save the Date Email
  • Formal Invitations
  • 9″ Plates
  • 7″ Plates
  • Luncheon Napkins
  • Beverage Napkins
  • Cups
  • Table Cover
  • Plastic Cutlery
  • Rental Tables
  • Rental Chairs
  • Decorations
  • Music/Entertainment/Games
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Entrées
  • Drinks / Ice
  • Desserts

Happy Festivities!!


mandi Step by Step Holiday Party Checklist

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