1792483mothersdaygroupgood Perfect Family CelebrationI love Mother’s Day! Yesterday I slept later than usual, and awoke to the smell of blueberry waffles. The blueberries were frozen last summer and tasted as fresh as the day they were bought. Knowing how much I enjoy grapefruit, the kids made fresh squeezed juice for me. Everyone else did the kitchen cleanup and I was told to go check my email. Even before I had my children, I enjoyed the planning that went into spoiling my mother.

After we had our own family’s private time at breakfast, we got ready to go and meet our extended family. We had plans to meet at my sister’s house that has large entertaining spaces, a game table, a media room, and a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi. Getting together with the various ages and stages of the cousins, it just works out so well to be at my sister Debbie’s house. There are multiple activities and diversions for the children. We, the sisters, sat on the couch and watched the brother-in-laws attempt to cooperate and create the Mother’s Day celebratory meal. Our dad gave his advice and input and my mom sat with us and relaxed. The men tryed to incorporate all the favorites of each of the mothers in the family. I love salad and there was a butter lettuce with fresh mango and pistachio nuts in a lemon dressing. My sister Debbie loves mashed potatoes and they turned out delicious. One sister loves barbequed chicken and it turned out perfectly: juicy and tasty. My youngest sister loves wine and the wine choice, an Italian sparkling white by Bartenura, a Moscato was well-chilled and added to the festive atmosphere. Finally, to honor my mom who loves lemon meringue pie, yesterday’s was a work of art besides being totally yummy. There were brownies with chocolate chips and Heath Bar pieces for the chocolate lovers. The menu pleased everyone being honored.

But, the best part of the day was watching the children interact with each other and with the aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Mother’s Day reminds us the blessing of family. People who scoff at the day and say that it is a commercial day and celebration haven’t spent Mother’s Day with a family like mine.

Tell us about your day! We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. My husband and I love the description of your family’s Mother’s Day celebration. We felt we were there. Dinner sounds delicious. Please post some recipes from your husbands.

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