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Packing up and hitting the road in a moving truck anytime soon?! My husband and I are (bright and early tomorrow morning actually)! And over here at Storkie, we have some of the cutest (and completely customizable) moving announcements and moving party/housewarming invitations around. So naturally with moving on my mind and a collection of darling moving announcements, I created a moving party inspiration board!

Screen shot 2012 08 08 at 3.00.54 PM Movin Time! {Party Inspiration}

{Movin’ Time – Storkie Express}

This particular Movin’ Time moving announcement inspired the Cardboard Moving Box theme of this party inspiration. It just might be one of the most particular and simultaneously adorable party themes around, in my mind at least! After all, you can use your party decorations (moving boxes) to pack up and transport all your prized possessions to your new home. Pretty genius if I say so myself. Especially since it will be one less party detail to worry about when you are in planning a move too. And if you are moving party for a friend, the moving box decorations can be gifted to your friends at the end of the night. What friend wouldn’t love to have a moving party thrown for them AND get lots of moving boxes for their move?! I know I would!

Have a great day everyone!

camille Movin Time! {Party Inspiration}

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