btwangles4 29 09 Mothers Day Celebration IdeasRecently, I was over at my parents and my mom showed me in her drawer a box with some jewelry that her five children had made for her as Mother’s Day gifts. My nail polish-covered, bent-tongue-depressor bracelet, like a cuff with tiny macaroni alphabet letters spelling out “love,” was still one of my mom’s favorites. With less than two weeks until Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at the history of this important holiday. Anna Jarvis created the modern Mother’s Day holiday so that each family can honor its own mother. Notice that the apostrophe is for the singular possessive because this holiday is not to be confused with the holidays that honor all mothers of the world. A good source for looking at the various dates that Mother’s Day is celebrated is Wikipedia.

Dads, as you plan your family’s celebration, perhaps you can look at this online entry with the children in order to give them a sense of what dates, traditions, and celebrations are like around the world. In preparation, a craft project that will result in a gift for Mom is a great way to spend time together and to reinforce that not only store bought gifts are worthwhile. Then, try and come up with some novel ideas for experiencing a nice day for Mother. Making dinner together can be fun but if you want to splurge, try the site for online reservations called Open Table where you input your city and get lists of various cuisine types and price ranges. Or plan to have a family adventure at the zoo, aquarium, nature preserve, or museum.

Remember that this is Mother’s Day and so she should be pampered and honored for the entire holiday. Letting her sleep late, doing the necessary household chores for her, and then planning an experience that she will really love to do with the family shows love and reverence for her on her special day.

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  1. I agree with you and I too am planning for a mother days gift for my mother and mother inlaw.
    Hope they will never forget that gift.

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