2012 Love More, Worry Less in 2012

{Quote via Tumblr, Photo by Jessica Lorren Organic Photography}

2011 has come and gone, and what an amazing year it was! Now 2012 has arrived, and I can only imagine the amazing weddings, DIYS, parties and showers, recipes, and everything else oh-so inspiring this year will bring. I’ve got big plans and dreams for 2012 on a personal, business, and wedding planning level. It’s only the second day of January and certainly not too late to begin reflecting on 2011 and goal planning for this amazing new year.

For brides-to-be, it’s also a perfect time to establish some new goals or changes you want to make during this process. I plan to set aside some time today to write down some New Years Wedding Resolutions myself too. Whether it’s to go out on weekly dates with your fianc√© or tone up your arms just a tad more, the New Year is a lovely opportunity to remind yourself what truly matters and to get back some balance in your current wedding planning life. I believe “love more, worry less” is going to be my wedding planning and daily life motto for the year. It’s easy to stress out and be way too hard on yourself and your loved ones during the wedding process, but “love more, worry less” is quite the perfect reminder. Especailly as you start to get caught up in seating arrangement arguments or a flakey vendor. “Love More, Worry Less” is a pretty beautiful idea, if you ask me.

Speaking of beautiful things, have you seen this New Year photo gorgeousness by the always talented Haley Sheffield? Too much goodness to keep to myself.

new years photoshoot Love More, Worry Less in 2012new years photoshoot 2 Love More, Worry Less in 2012new years photoshoot 3 Love More, Worry Less in 2012new years photoshoot 4 Love More, Worry Less in 2012new years photoshoot 5 Love More, Worry Less in 2012

{Haley Sheffield}

This New Years photo shoot alone brings me so much joy and excitement for 2012. I think we have an inspiring and beautiful year ahead of us.


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