So you’ve waited till the last minute, even though you swore you wouldn’t! You really wanted to get Dad that awesome personalized gadget you could only order online, and now there is no time for shipping! Worry not, there are a ton of last minute gift ideas that will still show dad how much you care.

But… before you rush off to buy this years latest tie or another polo shirt remember why we celebrate Fathers Day.

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My memories of my youth were precious – I was sweet, obedient and always a pleasure to be around, a parent’s dream come true. A few years ago during one of my trips home, my mom got a little nostalgic and pulled out an old box filled with photos and home videos. Let’s just say, that afternoon I learned that my memories of my childhood were slightly skewed. As I laughed heartily at picture after picture of me – sassy, crying or hip-cocked with attitude I had to say these were not the images I remembered. Mom then got into stories of landmark childhood incidents – funny things… both my mom and stepfather relating totally different versions of stories than what I remembered. Suddenly, I realized I was not the picture-perfect child of my memories, in fact I probably cost my parents lots of money, lots of frustration and at times heartache.

Therefore, I challenge you to recreate some of your fondest childhood memories with your father this year; hopefully this will bring more laughter than tears!

I raise my glass to all the parents out there Рtoasting your patience, your kindness and your unconditional love. Your dedication to developing  future generations, instilling wisdom and experience on your children is something to truly be honored. Often, it takes a few years of living on your own, to realize just how amazing our fathers (and mothers, also) really are. Sometimes it even takes having kids of your own to really understand the challenges children create.

So, let me suggest that you take a few moments this week-end to acknowledge your dad for everything he’s done for you!¬† The special memories you have and the wonderful wisdom he’s bestowed will be with you always.

Below are a few unique Father’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for those last minute gift seekers. Also, don’t forget to acknowledge Grandpa when purchasing your father’s day gifts!

Breakfast in Bed – Cook dad a special breakfast!

Biscuits and Gravy, Steak and Eggs, Eggs Benedict, Blueberry Waffles or Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Dad will love being pampered with a special breakfast in his honor!

Burn Some Mixed Cds

I LOVE getting burned mixed cds and so will Dad! Taking the time to go though music, select songs and then burning the cds is something we will rarely do for ourselves. Getting the mixed Cds is really a special gift – you know they were thinking of you when selecting the songs. Create special CD labels celebrating him and Fathers Day for an added touch.

Bake a special desert

Does dad have a favorite treat? Chocolate fudge, Pecan Pie, Key Lime Pie or Brownies? Make dad his favorite desert this year. You know what they say? The key to a man’s heart is with food!

Sports Tickets

Get you and your dad tickets to see his favorite team play. Any opportunity to spend quality time with you is a priceless gift.

Clean/Detailed Car

If you dads anything like mine he loves a freshly detailed car, but rarely allows himself that luxury. Give your dad something he won’t do for himself but will really appreciate! You can also include in the car a new fun car accessory.

Other Fun Ideas:

Fun coffee table book
Summer watch
His Favorite Alcohol
Grilling Tools

Most of all give dad the gift of your love and your time.

What was the best Fathers Day gift you’ve given so far?

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