img35twilliamssonomacookies Holiday Cookie ExchangeThe winter holiday season has always been a time for baking cookies. First of all, the baking cookies add warmth and comfort to our time indoors. The aromas of the baking cookies make the house smell like a holiday. Also, with cooler weather, we stop for cups of coffee, hot-spiced cider, tea, and hot chocolate more often and a “little” cookie goes so well with a hot beverage.

As our neighborhood plans the New Year’s Eve Party, we also plan on a holiday cookie exchange. If someone’s favorite recipe makes six-dozen cookies, doubling the recipe and making twelve-dozen allows for enough cookies for the cookie exchange. We set the date for the holiday cookie exchange to be on the 14th of December. Each participating family will place six cookies on a small paper plate in a zip locked bag and attach to the bag a card with the recipe and name of family offering the selection. To date, our cookie exchange plans are going well.

Yum! I can hardly wait!

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