hotdogcostume Halloween CelebrationsOur son’s surprise 18th birthday party will be held on Halloween. If you plan on getting into the Halloween spirit this year with the holiday falling on a Saturday, it’s never too early to order your invitations and begin planning the activities, menu, and your family’s costumes.

(Point of information: I can write about this because he never reads my blog!)

Our son sees me making decorations and probably just thinks our family will either attend or host a party. The invitations for his surprise Halloween 18th birthday party went out this past Friday. I hope no one will spoil the surprise.

Since we know that our son will probably refuse to dress-up, we are going over the top and have put together a family costume where each of us is a different condiment. My husband is mustard, our older daughter is mayonnaise, our younger daughter is pickle relish, our youngest son is an onion, and I am ketchup. We have prepared a hotdog outfit for our birthday celebrant. Perhaps he will get in the spirit of the fun and wear the costume.

“A hotdog is only a hotdog without the addition of various condiments!”

 Let’s hear from you! What are your plans for Halloween?

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