ks96086halloweencostumes Halloween, Around the CornerWhen I went to get some school supplies that had not been listed on the summer mailing, I noticed that Halloween items filled the shelves and displays. Wow! We’re still in Hurricane season with 90 degrees plus in temperatures! It’s difficult to imagine the cooler night weather of Halloween. But, it is never too early to plan the Halloween celebration!

So, check out some party invitations, save-the-date cards and grab up some of the items on display that you know you want! Then, as September turns into October, you will be organized and ready to begin the decorating, making and buying of costumes, and planning of the Halloween party for 2009!

With the community cooperation successes of the neighborhood summer camp and the Quinceanera dresses exchange, perhaps we can coordinate a group Halloween festival and get everyone to share the fun and expense?

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