Every year we receive dozens of Christmas cards, and then what do we do with them? Save them or toss them? But what if there’s another option…

Below are three fun ways to create memorable artwork with your cards in a true “green” Christmas project. These are great to do with your kids too!

Scrapbooking with your Greetings Cards

scrapbooking 300x233 Fun Ideas to Reuse your Christmas Cards

This year, save all your Christmas cards, as well as any ribbons and relatively flat package toppers. You can cut out characters you find on many Christmas cards, like Santa or Rudolph, to add to your scrapbook pages. The cards with pretty decorative Christmas backgrounds can be used as a layered photo frames. You can also use special Christmas themed shape punches such as Christmas trees or ornament balls, which can be used to decorate many of your pages.

Christmas Cards Wreath

wreath 300x300 Fun Ideas to Reuse your Christmas Cards

Select about 20 of your leftover Christmas cards; choose varying shades of one color (i.e. All reds) or choose a few different colors to pair together (i.e. Green and gold). On the back side of one of the cards draw a holly leaf shape approx. 2’’ x 4’’ and then cut it out – this will be the shape you’re duplicating. Trace this shape onto the backs of your 20 cards and cut the shapes out. Now arrange these shapes in a circle, overlapping the edges. Glue the leaves together at their overlapping points. Create an accent bow with leftover ribbon from packages and glue it to the top of the wreath or use a stick-on bow. Then tape a yarn loop to the back of the wreath so you can hang your masterpiece…voila!

Christmas Card Gift Tags

Gift Tags 300x233 Fun Ideas to Reuse your Christmas Cards

I received a package from a friend last year with a really awesome custom gift tag. When I asked where she found it, she explained how she created it from one of last year’s Christmas cards and wrapping paper. She did such an amazing job, I had no idea! This is a fun project where your imagination is the only limit. For the tag I received, the bottom layer was a medium sized rectangle with cut corners in a silver foil pattern, on top was another rectangle in the same shape (solid red but cut with zigzag scissors), and the final layer was a rectangle strip of silver ribbon. She then used red glitter stick-on letters to spell my name. Too cute!

mandi Fun Ideas to Reuse your Christmas Cards

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