Traditional family holiday photo shoots have a bad rap for turning into frustrating headaches. Between the lines at the¬†studio, angry parents, crying babies and the often frazzled photographer, no wonder it’s such a pain to rally everybody for the annual family holiday photo. This holiday season make your holiday photo day FUN. Create something amazing with your whole family, and capture the priceless precious moments laughing and playing together – perfect for your holiday photo cards.

Instead of heading to your local photo studio, ask around for a friend who is a photographer (amateur or professional). Make your photo day fun and playful with these 3 simple steps: 1) Have your family members dress in clothes that fit their personality but have a similar color or style; 2) Pack a delicious lunch; and 3) Go somewhere special together.

Some great location ideas are: your local park, a nearby wooded area, in front of a still lake, at a theme park or even your backyard.

For more fun ideas feel free to use any of our creative family photo shoot inspirations below. Follow our suggestions and make your Christmas photo cards look amazing this year!!!

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