Halloween Cookies 2 Candy Corn and Chocolate Chip Halloween Cookies

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Momofuku has been on my mind for quite some time. I’ve heard of the wonders the restaurant group has to offer, and dreamed of eating them all. Yes, all of them. But since I live in California and the Momofuku masterpieces are all the way in New York City, my opportunity has not come.  One day it will though, and even if I can’t try everything I am quite determined to try all of the desserts. That is my kind of compromise.

Halloween Cookies 11 Candy Corn and Chocolate Chip Halloween Cookies

With such an infatuation with a place far out of my reach, I bet you can imagine my excitement when I saw a recipe for a Momofuku Halloween cookie in the October issue of my beloved Food & Wine magazine. And if you can’t imagine, I will just say I was really, really excited. I may have even tweeted about it, sent texts to friends about it, and immediately began to write up a grocery list. I made these cookies and surprised my fiancé with them on one of our date nights. He was in love with the cookies and I was in love with the cookies. In other words, it was quite a success.

Halloween Cookies 3 Candy Corn and Chocolate Chip Halloween Cookies

This is definitely a unique cookie, unlike one I’ve ever made before. It’s kind of an odd combo of ingrediants (cornflakes, chocolate chips, and candy corn). Yet it ends up with a perfect combo of salty-sweet  yumminess. Just like a good Halloween cookie should. If candy corn isn’t really your thing, have no fear. I was informed by my fiancé that he “can’t stand candy corn, but loooves these cookies” after he tried one. I felt like a slightly defunct fiancée for not knowing he didn’t like candy corn, but I had another bite of these cookies and I got over it. Really quick.

So if you were looking for the perfect Halloween treat recipe for the weekend, I highly suggest you make a batch of these candy corn and chocolate chip cookies. You will not be sorry.

The original recipe can be found here, and I’ve posted here to just to make it a tad easier. Halloween weekend can be hectic enough right?

Candy Corn and Chocolate Chip Cookies (Begin with cornflake crunch recipe)
Created by Christina Tosi, found in the October 2011 Food and Magazine

Halloween Cookie Recipe Candy Corn and Chocolate Chip Halloween Cookies

Cornflake Crunch Recipe

Halloween Cookie Recipe 2 Candy Corn and Chocolate Chip Halloween Cookies
Enjoy these treats, and have an amazing Halloween weekend with your friends and family.


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  1. Can’t wait to try these. It works for me to have you do the research and give me all these great ideas. I love candy corn, so that won’t be a problem. Another winner!

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