img74lpotatoleekgratin Brunch and the HolidaysAre you hosting out-of-town visitors for Thanksgiving this year? If you are, try this easy and most delicious brunch recipe. Williams Sonoma provides a great step-by-step recipe for potato-leek gratin that will be a huge hit with your holiday crowd!

I made this recipe for our annual November birthday weekend celebration this year. Several of my friends and I get together in March, May, September, and November for birthday reunion festivities. I hosted the November event and made the potato-leek gratin in a ceramic baking dish instead of the recommended fry pan in the oven. I did cook my leeks in a fry pan according to the recipe but then assembled the ingredients in the baking dish. My other modifications of the recipe include the use of a combination of purple, red, and Yukon gold fingerling potatoes and no nutmeg.

In order to use the leftovers of this delicious casserole, I warmed the gratin in a fry pan and then made holes where I dropped a raw egg per person eating this version of potato-leek gratin. I basted the eggs until almost set. WOW! Yum! What a useful way to use what remains from this recipe!

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