ss babybingo Your First Baby ShowerFirst of all take a deep breath! Anyone can plan and host a successful baby shower event. After you take the deep breath, decide on when, where, how many invited guests, what the theme will be, and finally a menu for the party. Then, make sure that you have planned the event and selected and sent out the baby shower invitations at least three weeks before the festivities if you are hosting it on a weekday. If you plan to have a couples’ shower during the weekend, plan on sending out the invitations a month in advance.

For those of you who want some guidance with planning activities for the shower, check out “Babbee Baby Shower” site. Also, the online magazine has many ideas for games.

Don’t forget to choose the menu that will show your mom and dad-to-be how much you care about them. Select items that support good nutrition as well as offer their favorite foods!

2 thoughts on “Your First Baby Shower

  1. I recently heard about a “grown-ups baby shower.” It was located at a bar which served baby inspired cocktails and appetizers- not much fun for the mom to be, but maybe more fun for everyone else!

  2. Please share more info about the “grown-ups baby shower!” Is a trend beginning? Describe or post a photo of the invitations! Tell us about the menu and activities! It’s always great to hear about new ideas for baby showers! Thank you!

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