k0258590tomatoplant Veggie Garden UpdateFor those of you who have planted a vegetable garden, how is it doing? Ours is limited to tomatoes, basil, and the last remnants of mint right now. All the pots of growing vegetables have been moved to partial sun, kind of under some bushes. It’s just too hot in South Florida.

But, in spite of the heat, with the rain that has been falling almost daily, the basil leaves are the size of fat thumbs and the tomatoes are as big as tennis balls. We watch out for them diligently because the birds will begin a feast the moment the tomatoes get any hint of a blush of color. So far they keep growing and staying green so no bird pecks to date. The second we see the blush of color, we have to bring them in to ripen. It is tastier to leave them ripen on the vine, but we will have grown them for the birds and not enjoy them at all if we leave them.

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I would like to recommend an entertaining and inspiring book about vegetables, fruits, gardens and food choice. I received this from a dear friend and it is now my absolute favorite book! Buy or borrow from the library, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It is available in paperback. 

Please read it and share with us! Also, let’s hear about your successes and hints for summer vegetable gardens!

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  1. Thanks for the great tip for reading about gardening. I have read all of Michael Pollan’s books. I just ordered your recommendation. I also picked out baby shower invites from your site. Actually, the firend I am sharing the shower with ordered the invites. Great product choice. We’re really excited about what we picked out!

  2. Good luck with the baby shower! Let us know how it goes. We love to see photos and hear your stories about the fun, trendy baby showers our customers plan. Please keep reading my blog for more great ideas!

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