aa052683halloween Turning EighteenTurning eighteen and still at the beginning of senior year of high school can present some challenges to parents who have not set limits and who have not communicated clear expectations. Yes, legally our son is viewed by society as an adult when he reaches his 18th birthday at the end of October. But, being an active and community involved high school senior who has SAT exams, college applications, AP courses, and family commitments maintains childhood for several more years.

Our adult, in the eyes of society, but not as far as his responsibilities and role in our family, needs to be acknowledged on his 18th birthday: But, how? Do we plan a surprise party or ask him how he wants to celebrate?

We decided that since he has never had a surprise party we would plan a Halloween Costume Surprise 18th Birthday Celebration! Keep reading my blog for the details!

2 thoughts on “Turning Eighteen

  1. That sounds like a wonderful idea! Who doesn’t love a surprise party? Although, you should make sure he feels comfortable with the idea (without ruining the surprise), or maybe consider having him plan his own party- as a testament to his entrance into adulthood!

  2. Yes, having him plan his own party would be a great testament to his entrance into adulthood, but he has been planning what he wants to do since he was about five. He hasn’t been very interested in this birthday as far as we know, so the surprise will definitely be a different form of celebration in his honor!

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