0817 ponderosa pine 1250563082 Trees That Smell Like Caramel Cookies: YUM!Remember my blog about our Colorado adventure white-water rafting? Well, this is part two. One of the days in Colorado we went birding and hiking with a trained guide. On our first trail we saw Pondorosa trees that have a golden-colored bark. When one gets close enough to hug the tree, a delightful and delicious smell of caramel wafts into one’s nostrils. What can I say? My children loved it! Further down the trail we arrived at a thicket, a circle shaped grouping of these trees and when we stood in the middle, the odor of caramel cookies or toffee bars surrounded us.

With the popular trend of cookies at weddings, caramel cookies or toffee bars must show up on the vast cookie tables. Well, we got to smell our cookies on a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park! How wonderful!

One thought on “Trees That Smell Like Caramel Cookies: YUM!

  1. I have been to see and smell the Ponderosa Pine trees. They are amazing. The bark is beautiful and shiny. Don’t miss a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. Luckily, I live close to it and can visit quite often. I love this blog!

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