u26300433elephant The Attraction of ZoosThroughout the United States zoos exist that provide an amazing adventure and fun learning experience for families with young and older children. Today, many zoos offer more than animals in cages. For example, at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois, the chimpanzees and lowland gorillas live in “three spacious habitats: the Kovler Gorilla Bamboo Forest, the Strangler Fig Forest (which accommodates either chimpanzees or gorillas) and the Dry Riverbed Valley (which also accommodates chimpanzees or gorillas). The indoor exhibits are immediately adjacent to the outdoor exhibits so that they appear to be one.” Admission is free to this Chicago zoo. With gorgeous views of Sears Tower and Lake Michigan, diverse habitats that include a farm, and easy access with public transportation, don’t miss out on a full day visit!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin also has an extraordinary zoo. If you happen to be in the Midwest, you can plan on visiting both the Milwaukee and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

The San Diego Zoo and Botanical Gardens are a must visit when one goes to San Diego, California. Throughout the summer from June 27th to September 7th the zoo is open from 9 am to 9 pm. Don’t miss out on the koalas that eat eucalyptus grown in the gardens of the zoo. Strolling or riding the tram, notice the animals in their habitats and the extensive, lush gardens that are everywhere!

Check out the zoos, both with free admission and with an entrance fee in your area. Remember that when you travel, a visit to the many zoos in the U.S. is fun and educational!

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